Valorant Imperium skins look ready to take over the Roman Empire

Get ready to dominate the streets with the new Valorant Imperium skins, featuring intricate Roman-inspired designs.

Valorant Imperium skins look ready to take over the Roman Empire
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

The Valorant Imperium skins

The Valorant Imperium skins are coming, and they look ready to dominate the streets. Valorant has offered a first look at the new Imperium skinline and its accompanying lore, teasing the arrival of the high-quality weapon skins that fans of the FPS game will no doubt snap up in droves.

“The Imperium never fell.” That’s the lore behind Valorant Imperium skins, which sees an ancient Roman empire that has long since crumbled still wield immense power. Teasing the Imperium bundle, Valorant shows off a range of intricately designed weapon skins that bring a touch of historical elegance to the FPS game.

There’s no specific release date for the Imperium bundle just yet, but Valorant says it’s “coming soon” so you’ll be able to deck out your weapons in Roman-themed finery before too long. We don’t know the bundle price just yet either, but we’ll update this guide when we learn more.

Valorant Imperium skins

Valorant shares a wealth of detail on Imperium skins in the video above, exploring the lore behind the bundle and showing off the various weapon skins on offer. There are plenty of Imperium weapon skins to choose from, with Valorant showing off the Vandal and Operator as examples of skins you’ll be able to buy in the bundle.

Each Imperium skin is intricately designed, with Roman-inspired details and symbols that bring each gun to life. Whether you’re a fan of ancient Rome or just appreciate some truly impressive weapon skins, Valorant Imperium skins are definitely something to consider.

As well as Imperium weapon skins, Valorant teases Imperium gun buddies and player cards that you’ll be able to pick up in the bundle. So far, we’ve seen a few examples of Imperium gun buddies, with Valorant showing off a golden eagle perched on the Operator’s barrel.

You’ll be able to buy Imperium skins from the in-game store, so don’t hesitate to enhance your in-game experience with a little flair. With Valorant Imperium skins on the way, you’ll soon have a wealth of new skilines to choose from – if you can resist the temptation to buy them all, that is.

The Imperium skinline follows a number of new Valorant skins that have been released over recent months, keeping the FPS game fresh and exciting for its player base.

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