LOUD Valorant head coach says “stay together” after loss to EG

LOUD Valorant head coach MavTone urges players to 'stay together' after disappointing Valorant Champions loss

LOUD Valorant head coach says “stay together” after loss to EG
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Following a disappointing Valorant Champions loss, LOUD Valorant head coach MavTone emphasises the importance of team cohesion, while reflecting on the team’s recent defeat at the hands of Evil Geniuses.

MavTone advocates for sticking together despite the setback, urging LOUD’s roster to stay the course and work towards improvement.

LOUD’s Valorant Champions run came to an end as the team fell to EG in the upper bracket finals. Despite a strong start, the team failed to pull off a late comeback and ultimately fell to the defending champs. The loss prompts a discussion about roster changes, with MavTone’s comments sparking speculation about the team’s future.

“We’ve been together for three years,” MavTone says. “We’ve been through ups and downs, and I believe that continuity is the key to building a strong team. I’m not saying we’re the best team right now, but I believe that if we can stay together, we will get there.”

“It’s important to understand that we’re going to face some challenges, but I think that if we stick to it and remain committed, we will find ourselves in a much better place in the long run,” he adds.

LOUD’s Head Coach also highlights the importance of team chemistry, noting that the players “are like a family.”

“They know each other for a long time,” MavTone says. “They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and that’s the key to a good team.”

The coach’s comments prompt further speculation about potential roster changes. While LOUD has not yet revealed its plans, the team’s future is undoubtedly in question.

“Staying together” has been a trending phrase on Twitter, with the Valorant community debating the merits of roster stability versus change. Some fans and analysts even go as far to suggest that the team’s performance in Valorant Champions may have been “rigged” to justify roster changes.

Whatever the case may be, LOUD’s decision regarding its Valorant roster is certainly no small matter, and will have a significant impact on the team’s future.

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