Valorant’s new Sunset map is a vibrant new battleground

Valorant’s new Sunset map is a vibrant, dynamic new battleground for the FPS game as Riot Games reveals more about the map for Champions 2023.

Valorant’s new Sunset map is a vibrant new battleground
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Valorant’s newest map, Sunset

Valorant’s newest map, Sunset, is here as the FPS game’s maker Riot Games unveils the Valorant map for Champions 2023, set in Los Angeles. We’ve been able to get a good look at Sunset ahead of its release in Valorant, and it’s looking to be an exciting new battleground for the game’s competitive scene, with a vibrant, balanced layout offering plenty of options for strategic gameplay.

Set in the heart of LA, Valorant’s Sunset map is an eclectic mix of modern architecture and vibrant colors. With tight corridors, open spaces, and verticality in the map design, Riot says Sunset is “balanced to encourage constant rotations and strategic engagements”.

I’ve had the chance to jump in and explore the new map myself in Valorant, and Sunset really is a refreshing change to Valorant’s roster. It introduces some really nice features like zip lines you can use to quickly traverse the map, and a destructible glass bridge that opens up some routes.

Sunset also has some really nice interactive objects – like cars and vans – that you can use for tactical advantage. Hop in a van at the base, for example, and you can use it to block off an objective or push the enemy back. The whole map just feels really dynamic and fun to play.

Valorant’s Sunset map release date

Valorant’s Sunset map is set to arrive in the near future, although Riot hasn’t yet announced a specific release date. Given that the developer typically releases new maps alongside balance changes and bug fixes, we’d expect Sunset to go live alongside Valorant 2023.2.

You can check out the Valorant Sunset map in the gameplay video below, and prepare yourself for the next Valorant season by taking a look at some of the best Valorant skins. You can also learn more about Valorant itself by checking out some of our favorite Valorant guides, or by taking a look at how Valorant stacks up against other popular FPS games like Counter-Strike.

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