The best Vampire Survivor-like games on Steam 2023

Discover the best Vampire Survivor-like games on Steam that offer addictive bats-and-blood gameplay. Find out which ones are worth your time!

The best Vampire Survivor-like games on Steam 2023
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

The best Vampire Survivor-like games

Vampire Survivor-like Games are a dime a dozen on Steam, but which of these blood-sucking games are worth your time? In order to find out, we asked the question to the folks on the best gaming community on the planet – Reddit.

What are the best Vampire Survivor-like games?

The best Vampire Survivor-like games according to Reddit users are:

  • Halls of Torment
  • HoloCure
  • Crimsonland
  • Rogue: Genesia
  • Scarlet Tower
  • Greedland

Many players found that Halls of Torment addressed their biggest issue with Vampire Survivors: the combat. Rather than attacking in a fixed arc like in most Survivor-likes, Halls of Torment allows manual attacks and directional control. That change alone made it the most popular Vampire Survivor-like ever made.

Some players felt that Vampire Survivors became too easy and repetitive over time. While others enjoyed the early stages of the game where they used a whip to kill bats, some players wanted a more exciting combat style that better reflected the theme of the game. The change from Vampire Survivor-like games to Halls of Torment is so drastic that some players have complained about motion sickness, so be careful if you’re prone to that sort of thing.

Halls of Torment is still in early access, but the price of $5 is already good value given how many hours of gameplay are already in the game. Some users recommend waiting for HoloCure to be fully fleshed out or finishing Curse of the Dead Gods first, but most players agree that Halls of Torment is the clear winner in this particular genre.

HoloCure is praised for its improvement on Vampire Survivors and its cute Vtuber aesthetic. Some players say that they’re happy with the current state of the game, while others are disappointed that some promised features haven’t been implemented yet. Some players feel that HoloCure is a complete rip-off that adds nothing new to the genre, while others argue that the game adds new mechanics and gameplay to the formula.

There are also mentions of games with potential but lacking content like Yet Another Zombie Survivor and Death Must Die.

So there you have it, the best Vampire Survivor-like games. If you’re still hungry for more Steam horror, here are the best free games like P.T. and the best free PC games with plenty of options for atmosphere and terror.

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