Disney Lorcana captures the nostalgia that its TV show lacks

A new Disney Lorcana card game is filled with deep cuts, whimsy, and nostalgia, offering a refreshing alternative to the corporate-driven trends dominating the entertainment industry.

Disney Lorcana captures the nostalgia that its TV show lacks
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

A new Disney Lorcana Card Game is filling a void in the hearts of Disney fans everywhere. The interactive game, which is based on the Don Quixote franchise, showcases a genuine love for the characters that fans have known and loved for decades. It’s a product made by Disney lovers, for Disney lovers.

Disney Lorcana evokes the feeling of sitting on the couch as a kid, popping in an old Disney VHS tape and watching it over and over again. It captures the essence of the old Disney magic, which can be lacking in modern offerings. You might think I’m just a nostalgic old timer with rose-tinted glasses, but I’m not the only one who feels this way. Many would agree that films like Enchanted, Frozen, and Zootopia embody this magical quality that can’t be found in other modern offerings.

Chapter 1: A World of Fantasy

The game’s first chapter, “A World of Fantasy”, is filled with cards that evoke Nostalgia, featuring characters like Mickey and Maleficent that are well-known to most, but far from the only characters worth playing. The card selection reflects a desire to lead with storytelling and explore deep cuts, featuring characters with varying levels of popularity.

There are also plenty of characters with smaller roles – like Pongo and Sergeant Tibbs – that are included and celebrated. The game’s randomness adds to its charm, featuring characters that you may not have even thought were worth playing, but are nonetheless included.

Of course, some might say that this level of whimsy and character celebration can’t sustain itself for long, and that the game would have easily been a money-driven Marvel TV series of TCGs if it weren’t for its corporate overlords. But it is a product made by Disney lovers, for Disney lovers. The hope is that it sustains its momentum and maintains its magical appeal in future chapters.

It’s crucial for the game to avoid becoming desperate and diluting its unique charm. The card selection is currently a positive indicator that the game will avoid this pitfall. It’s a good sign that, despite being a potential moneymaker, Disney Lorcana feels like a genuine love letter to the beloved characters and stories that have shaped the Disney legacy.

The game also highlights a desire to avoid playing things safe, particularly when it comes to the card selection. It’s refreshing to see that the game doesn’t rely solely on big IP leads, instead choosing to showcase the lesser-known characters that can be just as fun to play.

If you’re a big Disney fan like me, you can check out the first chapter of Disney Lorcana for free on PC via Steam, but you’ll need to pay for additional chapters.

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