These are the hardest JRPG bosses to beat

We’ve picked out some of the toughest JRPG bosses, from Demon Tide in Kingdom Hearts 3 to Yiazmat in Final Fantasy 12, and more!

These are the hardest JRPG bosses to beat
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

Looking for some of the toughest JRPG bosses?

While some of the best JRPGs have bosses that are memorable for their designs and backstories, others are known for being particularly difficult.

Tough boss fights in JRPGs often involve bosses with exceptionally high HP, making them a war of attrition. We’ve picked out some of the most difficult JRPG bosses to beat, including those that are simply hard to beat due to their high health, or those that have devastating abilities that require careful preparation. We’ve also included some optional bosses that can only be found after completing one of the best PC games of 2023, meaning you’ll need to put in a lot of work to take them down.

The Demon Tide

The Demon Tide from Kingdom Hearts 3 may look like a bunch of bubbles, but don’t be fooled by its cute exterior. This boss fight is made even harder by the fact it’s the first boss fight in the game. The Demon Tide has a staggering 20 health bars, making it one of the most menacing bosses in the game.


The Adamantoise from Final Fantasy 15 boasts a massive five million health points, and it’s made even more difficult by the fact you need to attack its feet in order to inflict damage. You’ll need to carefully chip away at its health, using abilities and summons to gain an upper hand before finally unleashing an attack to deal significant damage.


Aeronite from Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns can have up to 38 million health points on Hard Mode, making it a difficult battle – especially considering Aeronite is the first major boss in the game. Aeronite can attack Lightning with powerful lightning-based spells, making it crucial to take down Aeronite’s support monsters first in order to gain an advantage.


In the original version of Final Fantasy 12, Yiazmat had around 30 million HP, but in the re-release of the game, Hard Mode bumps Yiazmat’s HP up to a whopping 50 million. This lengthy boss fight can take up to eight hours to defeat, so make sure you’ve got nothing better to do before you take on this giant bird.

Bloody Maidame Curie

Maidame Curie is a boss in Asdivine Hearts 2 and has a whopping 99 million health points. While it may seem like a lot, considering some of the other bosses on this list, Maidame Curie is relatively easy to beat. That said, if you’re looking for a real challenge, there’s always the Bloody Maidame Curie Nue fight.


There are a lot of high-HP bosses on this list, but few can top Trillion from the game of the same name. This boss has a staggering one trillion health points, meaning you’ll need to chip away at its HP over multiple battles. Thankfully, this is a JRPG, so you can grind out experience points and level up your characters to give you a fighting chance.


CrossWorlds is an MMORPG, and naturally, there are some high-HP bosses you’ll come across while exploring the game world. These bosses drop rare equipment and materials, making the fight worthwhile even if you don’t manage to defeat them. One boss in particular features around 160 quintillion HP, but it’s relatively easy compared to some of the other bosses on this list.

Rakshaa Baal

This is another boss that’s relatively easy to beat, but only if you’re playing on a lower difficulty setting. At +20 New Game Plus, Rakshaa Baal in Disgaea has an HP of roughly three sextillions. That’s over three trillion. You’ll need to carefully plan out your strategy if you want a chance at beating this boss.

There are many other high-HP bosses in JRPGs that we haven’t mentioned here, so feel free to let us know your favorites in the comments.

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