This Galaga arcade machine is a Blast from the Past

A Galaga arcade machine has been spotted on Imgur, sparking nostalgia and discussions on the PC Master Race subreddit.

This Galaga arcade machine is a Blast from the Past
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

A Galaga Arcade Machine Spotted on Imgur

A Galaga Arcade machine has been spotted on Imgur, prompting a rush of Nostalgia for the countless quarters Nintendo, Sega, and others made millions from across the decades. The image, posted to the PC Master Race subreddit, features what appears to be a motherboard bearing the Nintendo logo, suggesting it was made by the company to house its Galaga arcade game. Naturally, this has led to a wave of Galaga talk and jokes on the forum, with one user even declaring themselves to be Galaga in a Vin Diesel voice.

“It’s Galaga day on PCMR,” one user declares, in reference to the fact that the image was posted to the ‘Galaga’ sub-reddit. Others reminisce about the days when quarters were the only way to play the best arcade games, while others simply point out that putting a man on the moon was no less technologically impressive than the devices we carry around in our pockets today.

“Help me reassemble an arcade cabinet I have in pieces,” one user asks, with another offering to help. One user humorously declares themselves to be Galaga, inspiring a wave of replies with people asking what Galaga is. The response? “A device designed to transport you back to the 80s for some intense alien-blasting action.” I’m sold.

Replies from the Community

The consensus is that the Galaga motherboard is a motherboard with a programmed PROM chip for Galaga. If you’re interested in building your own arcade cabinet, we have a guide to help you.

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