Surprise find of a retro gaming console ignites nostalgia

A retro gaming enthusiast discovers a 1980s Channel 3 console in their basement, and users share their own childhood memories and excitement.

Surprise find of a retro gaming console ignites nostalgia
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

Surprise Channel 3 Gaming Console Found in Basement Delights Retrogamers

A user posts about finding a vintage 1980s Channel 3 gaming console in their basement, and the ensuing discussion brings back plenty of retro gaming and general Nostalgia. Many users express their joy at seeing the tough Atari joysticks in action again. “I love this thread,” one user writes. “I’ve been out of the game for a while but this got me excited.”

“I’m hoping there’s a River Raid in there,” another user writes, referring to the beloved Atari 8-bit game. “I’m going to break the sticks,” another jokes. “When I was a kid, I broke the sticks on everything,” another replies.

While many reminisce about playing Combat and Swashbuckler, one user expresses disappointment over the Channel 3 console’s port of Pac-Man, which several deem one of the worst ports of all time. “I made my living writing the same games they ported to it,” the user replies, referencing games built on the Pac-Man engine.

“Did it have Combat, Swashbuckler, and Keystone Capers?” another asks. “I’m guessing yes,” the first replies. “I’m sure plenty of people will comb the list of games and ask,” a third user writes, to which the original poster responds, “I’ll share it when I’m done playing.”

Another user shares a link to a YouTube video showcasing Channel 3. “Some of these games are worth a lot of money to collectors,” another replies. “Ooh, I hope the OP shares the list,” another writes. “Someone will post it,” another replies.

“Try holding the button while you fire to charge the shot,” one user shares, referring to Galaga. “The version of Pac-Man is not enjoyable,” another writes. “Nice reference to Channel 3,” another replies. “I’m young, but 30 is a lot older than I thought,” they add.

The overall tone of the thread is one of nostalgia and excitement, as users reminisce about their childhoods and the tough joysticks on the Atari consoles of yesteryear. “The joysticks are better than I remember,” one user comments. “I can’t wait to tell my dad about this,” another replies.

“I love how this is retro to some, but completely new to others,” one user writes. “I hope whoever owns that finds the list of games,” another replies. “It’s cool and exciting,” another adds. “I wonder if all basements hold hidden treasures?”

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