PC Games used to be scary – and so were their boxes

Exploring the Nostalgia of PC Game Boxes

PC Games used to be scary – and so were their boxes
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

When the PC Games Nostalgia thread reached 1,000 posts, it seemed like we had seen the best of it. However, the comments continue to pour in, with more stories of the glory days of old games and the boxes they came in.

User 'F00LX' stumbled upon some old game boxes while cleaning out their basement. 'As I’m going through the basement, cleaning out old boxes, I find the boxes from all of these games,' they write. They remembered playing the demo of Fear on the PS2 and loving its dark atmosphere, and when the full game was released, it didn't disappoint.

They go on to describe the 'scary as shit' box art of Battlefield Vietnam, contrasting it with the colorful covers of games like Fortnite today. They also mention that PC games still have covers on platforms like Steam, before reminiscing about their favorite childhood games.

'I’ve had a lot of great gaming moments,' they write. 'From Battlefield and Fear to Civilization and WoW. I used to play Quake 2 and loved it. I was a huge fan of boxed games and having a physical item. I couldn’t imagine playing games now and not having a box to collect.'

The comment has gained over 30,000 upvotes and more than 1,000 replies, as other users share their own fond memories and discuss their favorite games.

'I was born in 1993,' another user replies. 'I started gaming in 2005 or 2006. I loved boxed games too, and I still love them. The thrill of opening a new game and reading through the manual is something I miss dearly. I’m excited for the day I can have a shelf full of games again.'

Some users express their love for Quake 2, while others praise the Dawn of War series. 'I played a lot of Quake 2 in high school and would go to LAN parties with my friends and play all night,' one user writes. 'It was such a great game.'

'Quake 2 was perfect,' another replies. 'I still play it occasionally, and it's better than many games released today.'

'Quake 2 is the best shooter ever,' a third user adds. 'I'm making the Quake 2 movie in 2022.'

Others share their love for boxed games in general and the satisfaction of having a physical item. 'I miss the glory days of PC gaming,' one writes. 'Boxed games just felt better to me.'

'I loved buying boxed PC games too,' another replies. 'I would sit in the living room and just read through the manuals when I was a kid.'

This leads to some negative comments about modern games, as users discuss the 'nostalgia factor' of old games and how they were good in their time.

'I feel bad for the generation born in the 2000s and onward,' one writes. 'We had a lot of great games.'

'Some of them are still great,' another replies. 'But a lot of them are just extremely overrated.'

'The Call of Duty 2 box art is weird,' a user remarks. 'It looks like it’s in a jungle, but I feel like CoD is always in some warzone, so maybe that’s the setting?'

'I loved Call of Duty 1 and 2,' another replies. 'They were the best of the series. I feel like they got worse with each game.'

'I remember when all the videogames were good,' another writes. 'Then everything got all modern and high-tech. Now it’s all just a blur of bad FPS games and battle royales.'

This comment is met with both humor and fear, as other users point out that Alma from F.E.A.R. and Alma from the Call of Duty games are very different.

'I remember when I was a kid and I played Call of Duty 2 and I was so scared when Alma came out,' one writes. 'I was 12 and had never played a horror game and I was so scared.'

'I love Alma so much,' another replies. 'She’s the best part of CoD. If she comes in the game, I know I better play.'

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