Jet Force Gemini galaxy map remake is a perfect nostalgia hit

A fan-created Jet Force Gemini galaxy map sparks nostalgia among players, reviving memories of the classic Nintendo shooter.

Jet Force Gemini galaxy map remake is a perfect nostalgia hit
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

A Jet Force Gemini Galaxy Map Remake Sparks Nostalgia

A Jet Force Gemini galaxy map remake is exactly what we need right now, as it’s been absolutely ages since we’ve had a good revival of the beloved Nintendo Shooter. I loved Jet Force Gemini as a kid, but even then I was frustrated at how difficult it was to navigate the game’s galaxy map. Thankfully, one crafty user over on the NSO forums has remade the map in its entirety, and you can download it right now.

If you’re like me, and you’ve been pining away for a return of one of the best coop games of the nineties, then this is the perfect thing to get you excited. I’ve been looking back at some of my old reviews for games that I loved in the past, and I honestly don’t understand why Jet Force Gemini never got a revival. It’s the perfect game for Nintendo Switch Online, with a simple online mode and a tonne of secrets to unlock.

If you think that’s a bit of a stretch, just look at this beautiful recreation of the galaxy map from the game, made by user ‘Fenix Blade,’ and shared freely on the Nintendo Switch Online forums. The map is just perfect, and it instantly brings back all the excitement I had as a kid playing the game. I’m so glad there are fans out there like this, because I love JFG so much.

“Awesome job,” one user says. “Second JFG reference I’ve seen in a few days. I really want to play it again with the cheats and secrets and weapon variety oh man.” Another replies, “I’m seeing a symbol. I hope it’s a coincidence.”

I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually play Jet Force Gemini as a kid. I was a N64 kid, and my GameCube was mostly a collection of Disney games, with the occasional Zelda or Metroid thrown in there. But even I know just how big a deal this game is, and how much love it gets. Fever dream of a game honestly, I was probably 9 or 10 playing this on Nintendo with my neighborhood friend!

The multiplayer for that game though… I mean, I guess Splatoon 2 is kind of similar, but that’s not really the same thing. Back in high school my friend and I didn’t even know there was a coop element, I had bought the game and he’d just come over after school every afternoon to see it, we’d pass the controller around and explore. Once we realized we could play coop this immediately became our favorite coop game of the generation haha, even though it was very limited it was a very memorable game. We still talk about it sometimes and we’re about to turn 40.

Really good license they’re sitting on there, sad.

If you want to download the galaxy map for yourself, you can find it here.

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