Nostalgia overload as gamer reminisces about his favorite math game

A nostalgic video game from the '90s that taught math and DOS strikes a chord with viewers.

Nostalgia overload as gamer reminisces about his favorite math game
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

A Nostalgic Video Game from the '90s

A user reminisces about a game from their childhood that taught them math and how DOS worked, and many viewers express their excitement and Nostalgia for the game, recalling their experiences playing it. The nostalgic comments bring back memories for the viewer, making them feel old.

Many viewers express their fond memories of playing the game and mention other games in the series, such as “Challenge of The Ancient Empires” and “Commander Keen” among others. A user recalls playing a similar game with a kid collecting keys using a butterfly net and wishes they remembered the name of it.

“A lot of people are saying this is their favourite edutainment game,” the original poster says, “and I totally understand, it was one of the best learning games for maths for a long time.” The nostalgia of the game brings back memories for many viewers, making them feel old.

“I remember having a similar game on our classroom computer in the ‘90s, but instead of swords and a pirate ship, you picked up keys with a butterfly net,” one user comments. “I wish I could remember the name of it.” Others mention other DOS games they enjoyed, such as “Street Rod” and “King’s Quest.”

Some users comment on the educational aspect of the game, recalling how they were having fun while learning and playing point-and-click adventure games. “Instructional games like this were quite common back then,” one user shares, “but they don’t really make them anymore.” Another user expresses their frustration that they were not allowed to play this game in school because it was considered violent.

“The Super Solvers games were a huge part of my childhood,” another user comments. “I loved that they somehow managed to make learning fun. I love that so many people are sharing their experiences.” Many other users express their love for the Super Solvers games, expressing their fond memories and describing the fun they had playing them.

“I find myself getting choked up watching this,” another user shares. “There is just something about simple games that can teach kids the basics.” Another user laments the lack of edutainment games like this in the present day. “I can’t find anything like it,” they say. “I really want to play it again.”

Some users also mention other games they enjoyed playing, such as “Commander Keen,” “Kyrandia,” “Creature Shock,” “Leisure Suit Larry,” and “Doom.”

“Wow, I played this game a lot,” one user comments. “I remember playing it at my parents’ office on a floppy disk!” Another user remembers playing the game at their 3rd grade classroom. “I always wanted to be a Super Solver when I grew up,” they add.

Watch the nostalgic comments about this educational game below:

If you are looking for a similar game to play or have never heard of these Super Solver games, you can check out “Gizmos and Gadgets,” which is very similar in the sense that you use a net to collect items and interact with characters.

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