How to get the Pikmin 4 blue onion

Obtain the elusive blue onion in the Nintendo game to grow the best Pikmin type in the field

How to get the Pikmin 4 blue onion
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The Pikmin 4 blue onion

The search for the Pikmin 4 blue onion begins in the Sun-Speckled Terrace, but the challenge doesn’t require you to hunt for Flarlic Onions. This guide explains how to get the blue onion in the first area of the game, and how to get the special Pikmin it produces.

The Pikmin 4 blue onion is only one of several types you can find in the Nintendo game, but it’s also one of the most useful. The blue Pikmin are stronger than the standard red ones, and they can carry heavier objects. You can also use them to conduct electricity via metal objects, or attack enemies with water.

How to get the Pikmin 4 blue onion

The Pikmin 4 blue onion is located south of the center Base location in the Sun-Speckled Terrace, and you can obtain it without progressing to the next area. You do need the following:

  • Ice Pikmin
  • Red Pikmin
  • Oatchi

With those items, you can obtain the blue onion without having to hunt for Flarlic Onions. The latter is the more challenging process, as it requires you to find five of the onions in each area.

Use your Ice Pikmin to freeze the lake, then build the wall on the left side to access the onion. Be careful not to let your Ice Pikmin fall into the lake. Once you have it, transport it as close to the lake as possible, then freeze the lake again.

The next step is to use your Red Pikmin and Oatchi to bring the onion back to the base. If some of the Pikmin are carrying the onion, the rest will probably die on the way. You should be prepared to use your Oatchi’s Buff skill to revive them.

If you can’t obtain the blue onion in Sun-Speckled Terrace, you can try the one in the Serene Shores. The location is the same, but you need to build a bridge to reach the sandcastle. Use your red Pikmin and Oatchi to bring down the Crusted Rumpup on the sandcastle before moving your base there.

From there, to the east, build a wall and climb up to find the Blue Onion partially buried in a pond. It’s the same problem as before: Your Pikmin will likely drown if you drop them into the water.

If you want to obtain this onion, you’ll need Blue Pikmin from caves in the Blossoming Arcadia. The problem is that you can’t use the Blue Onion in the Arcadia to produce blue Pikmin, so you’d have to carry it all the way to the Sun-Speckled Terrace. It’s easier to just find Oatchi in the market or spend Pikmin 4 tokens to obtain the skill that allows Blue Pikmin to swim.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pikmin 4 blue onion. For more helpful tips and tricks, read our Pikmin 4 review. We also have guides to all the Pikmin 4 caves, as well as the locations of all the Pikmin 4 fruits and vegetables, and all the Pikmin 4 seeds. If you’re looking for something a little different, here’s our best PC game list, with plenty of great indie games to choose from.

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