Pikmin 4 boss guide – Engulfed Castle cave

Take on the terrifying Waterwraith in the Engulfed Castle cave in Pikmin 4 to claim your hard-earned treasures.

Pikmin 4 boss guide – Engulfed Castle cave
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Take on the Waterwraith in Pikmin 4's Engulfed Castle Cave

The Pikmin 4 boss fight against the Waterwraith is a tense, close-quarters scrap that’ll have you desperately flinging Pikmin at your giant foe. Our Pikmin 4 boss guide details how to take on the paper bag behemoth as it rampages through the cave’s sublevels.

The Engulfed Castle cave in Pikmin 4’s Serene Shores is home to a terrifying new enemy: the Waterwraith. As the giant paper bag crushes everything around it, you’ll need to collect treasure at breakneck speed to avoid being squished. The cave’s layout, however, is such that a wrong move could easily see you cornered by one of its many hazards.

How to get to the Pikmin 4 Waterwraith boss battle

You can reach the Engulfed Castle cave in Serene Shores. The cave’s first sublevel features five enemies and fire geysers that can easily destroy your Pikmin. Thankfully, Blue Pikmin are immune to fire, so you can use them to attack the foes and the geysers without fear. You can also pick up the Scorch Guard gear if you’re worried about fire attacks.

The sublevels beyond the first feature more dangerous foes and treasure drops. Albino Dwarf Bulborbs and a Red Bulborb are on sublevels two to four, and will drop Crush Nugget treasures when defeated. Use nearby bushes to hide from the enemies, and attack when their backs are turned.

The second sublevel features electrical rod hazards. Thankfully, the Anti-Electrifier gear will prevent your Pikmin from taking any damage from the rods. Pick it up if you need it, but don’t dawdle too much.

You’ll want to move your base to collect all three treasures before the Waterwraith appears. The fourth sublevel features poisonous enemies and hazards. Thankfully, Oatchi’s rush ability will let you take them down without worry. Destroy the mushrooms to get rid of the sticky mold on the floor. Again, watch out for the Venom Dweevils that can steal treasure and poison your Pikmin.

The final sublevel is where you’ll face the Waterwraith. It’s a tricky fight, so we recommend using Violet Candypop Buds to create Purple Pikmin to flatten the paper bag blocking the boss room. You’ll want to use Oatchi to avoid being flattened. The Startle Spore can be killed instantly with a bomb rock, so use those if you have any.

Pikmin 4 Engulfed Castle cave drop locations

There are a number of treasures to find throughout the cave. Specifically, the Glinty Circular Disc is dropped by the Waterwraith after you defeat it the first time. Be sure to pick it up before leaving the cave.

That’s all we have for the Pikmin 4 Engulfed Castle cave and the Waterwraith boss battle. For general tips and tricks, check out our Pikmin 4 review. For other collectibles, we have guides on all the Pikmin 4 Ancient Spheres, Pikmin 4 Mementos, and Pikmin 4 Golden Teeth locations.

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