Pikmin 4’s stunning locations showcase the game’s creative environments

Explore the stunning locations of Pikmin 4 and immerse yourself in its creative and visually rewarding environments.

Pikmin 4’s stunning locations showcase the game’s creative environments
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

Pikmin 4's stunning locations

Looking for Pikmin 4 locations? The Pikmin 4 release date is here, and players are no doubt busy exploring the game’s gorgeous locales. Every area in this new entry offers a unique and visually rewarding experience, from the underwater caves of the Seafloor Resort to the autumn woodland of the Primordial Thicket.

While there are many stunning places to visit in Pikmin 4, some are more memorable than others. For example, Giant’s Hearth, while not the most eye-catching location, still has charming flowers, small fire pits, and a friendly-looking cave. The Dream Home, though, is a real treat for players as the area is full of scattered toys and a peaceful ambiance.

Pikmin 4 base camp

While many areas in Pikmin 4 are exciting to explore, the base camp is a respite from the core loop. In other Pikmin games, players would go back to their home base at the end of every day to manage their Pikmin and stock up on supplies. In Pikmin 4, the base camp is the hub between days and areas, offering various amenities that change depending on the day of the week.

Plunder Palace is where the treasure-laden wonderland gets its name. Within the palace, Purple Pikmin are sure to thrive as the area is filled with countless shiny objects. The Seafloor Resort cave astounds with its pools, underwater beauty, and the occasional treasure chest.

Pikmin 4 Primordial Thicket

The Primordial Thicket pays tribute to classic Pikmin entries with its autumn woodland setting. Players can use Rock Pikmin to smash through various objects, such as wood and rocks, in order to find hidden treasures.

Pikmin 4 Hero’s Hideaway

Hero’s Hideaway immerses players in every meticulous detail and nostalgic atmosphere. The area’s main attraction is the Museum of Obsolete Technology, which hosts a plethora of outdated gadgets and gizmos for Olimar to interact with. The area also has a sleepy atmosphere, thanks to the crickets, which offers a relaxing break from the fast-paced Pikmin 4 gameplay.

Pikmin 4 Serene Shores

Serene Shores is a gorgeous getaway locale with sandy terrain and elegant lighting. The area’s most notable feature is the Shy Guy Beach, which features various Shy Guy statues. The area is also home to some of Pikmin 4’s most adorable enemies, such as the Tiptaptilt and Padily.

Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace

The Sun-Speckled Terrace welcomes players to its cozy home with a homey ambiance and lush greenery. The area’s main attraction is the Windmill, which acts as the hub for collecting the Pikmin 4 Moon Shards. The windmill is surrounded by relaxing flower patches and a fountain, which is perfect for tossing Pikmin.

Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia

Blossoming Arcadia is easily Pikmin 4’s most visually stunning locale. The area is adorned with cherry blossoms and precise details, like the gondolas and water-filled lanterns. The area’s main attraction is the Celestial Pond, which features various enemies, like the Pajomb, that players can use Purple Pikmin on for extra loot.

That’s all the Pikmin 4 locations we have for now. For more on the upcoming adventure game, here’s why we think Pikmin 4 is a major step up for the series, alongside our breakdown of all the Pikmin 4 perks, and a few of the game’s toughest enemies.

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