Pokemon Platinum is a timeless classic – even 15 years later

Pokemon Platinum, the beloved game for the DS that continues to evoke nostalgia and memories after 15 years.

Pokemon Platinum is a timeless classic – even 15 years later
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Pokemon Platinum: A Game of Nostalgia and Memories

The nostalgia around Pokemon Platinum is strong, with players reminiscing about their first purchase of the game and the memories associated with it. While many adore this generation, some express frustration with the slow gameplay and wish for a 25% speed increase. Others have turned to emulators to relive the game, while others still have discovered modified versions like Renegade Platinum, which offer additional features such as early access to a wide range of Pokemon and boosted shiny rates.

The comments on this Reddit thread range from the simple, “Based” to “It really is” in regards to Pokemon Platinum, as the discussion turns to what makes the game so special. There’s a lot of talk about the memories players have with it and their varying experiences with it as they’ve gotten older, but there’s no denying that it’s a beloved game.

The nostalgia and sentimentality is strong with this one; players talk about playing the game in middle school with friends and trading or battling, which would be somewhat impossible to do now. Several acknowledge that the game could use an emulator to play it, but others express frustration with not being able to play it on a more official platform, even if it does mean waiting for a virtual console release.

“I honestly wish I never sold my copies [of Pokemon Platinum and SoulSilver],” one user admits. “I know I could play them on a DS emulator, but I don’t trust myself not to lose my save files.” Another laments, “I wish I still had my copies too, but I sold them like five years ago.”

While the nostalgia is strong, there’s a lot of pride in the game, as well. “Platinum was the best game in the Sinnoh region,” another user writes in all caps. “I remember playing Diamond and Pearl when they came out, but Platinum was the one I really fell in love with.”

“I was still a gen 1/2er when Platinum came out,” another admits, referring to the generations of games that came before it. “I thought it was better than Diamond and Pearl because of the additional content, but I would say that it isn’t the best generation overall.”

“It’s definitely better than the first two generations,” another argues. “Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver collectively form the best collection in the series.” The mention of a shiny Charmeleon, Turtwig, and the quick egg hatch rate adds a playful touch to the otherwise serious conversation.

The passage of time is also acknowledged humorously, with one user saying, “Has it been 15 years already? I’m old…” Another says, “I’m a gen 1/2er and I’m even older.” The remakes of Generation 2 in the form of HeartGold and SoulSilver are praised, with one user saying, “I prefer Gen 2 over Gen 1 by a lot, but I would rank the HGSS remakes as the second-best games in the series only to Platinum.”

There are users that prefer Generation 2 games like HeartGold and SoulSilver, but they balance out the love for Pokemon Platinum by expressing hopes for a remake or remaster. “I have played through HeartGold and SoulSilver several times, but I would still love to see a remake,” one user says.

Another adds, “I love my HGSS, but I would love to see a Remaster. I’d play the hell out of that.” Another says, “I’d like to see a remake of Gen 2, but I’m not sure I’d want to see the first generation again.”

The comments regarding a remake are in response to users who claim that Platinum is the best game in the series. “Platinum is the best game in the franchise,” one user says bluntly, while another writes, “Platinum > Gen 1,” and another, “If you haven’t played Platinum, you haven’t played Pokemon.”

While some consider Pokemon Platinum to be better than Diamond and Pearl due to its additional content, others still argue that it isn’t the best generation overall. “There isn’t a ‘best game’ in the series,” one user writes. “It’s like comparing a manga series to a movie series.”

“It’s not even the best game in the Sinnoh region,” another counters. “There are so many better games than Platinum,” another argues, while another provides a counter-counter argument, saying, “Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver collectively form the best collection in the series.”

The one Platinum user who says that it isn’t the best generation overall writes, “It’s the best [gen] in terms of quality, but I prefer Gen 4, Gen 5, and Gen 7 overall.” The comments “Based” and “It really is” further solidify the consensus on Pokemon Platinum’s excellence.

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