How to display Squishmallows

Tips on how to display Squishmallows in a creative and appealing way. Group them by color and size, use frames for a standout gallery wall, and choose the right size for your needs. Keep them fresh and be mindful of potential hazards.

How to display Squishmallows
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How to Display Squishmallows

Looking for tips on how to Display Squishmallows? Displaying your Squishmallows can be fun and Creative, as you can group them by color and size to create an appealing arrangement. Whether you’re looking to show off your Squishmallows in a desk display or gallery wall, there are plenty of options for you.

Squishmallows are more than just pillows, so finding the perfect way to display them is essential. Placing smaller Squishmallows in the front of a display can prevent larger ones from overshadowing their cuteness, and stacking them on shelves gives them enough space to be fully displayed. You can also use multiple frames to create a wall display for your Squishmallows.

Tips for Displaying Squishmallows

  • Group by color or size.
  • Frame them up.
  • Go big or small.
  • Stack Squishmallows.

Group by color or size.

A simple way to add visual interest to your display is to group Squishmallows by color or follow a theme. For example, if you have a bunch of Squishmallows in different shades of blue, or Squishmallows in the same size range.

Frame them up.

Another great way to showcase Squishmallows is by using frames, as they give you the option of using different matting styles. This allows you to create a standout gallery wall using Squishmallows in different sizes and colorways, for example, by placing a medium Squishmallow in the center of the frame and surrounding it with smaller and larger ones.

Go big or small.

There are over 1,000 Squishmallows available, so pick a size that suits your needs. Smaller ones, around 9 to 11 inches, are great for desk displays, while the medium size, around 11 to 13 inches, is versatile. Large Squishmallows, around 13 to 14 inches, are perfect for hugging and cuddling, and even better when you’re watching your favorite shows.

Stack Squishmallows.

Stack Squishmallows on shelves, ensuring enough space for them to look their cutest. Avoid placing them near windows or doors where they might get direct sunlight, as it can damage the fabric.

Frame them up.

Group Squishmallows by size or color.

Wall art is a great way to display Squishmallows, especially if you’re looking for something unique. Try placing a medium Squishmallow in the center of a frame and surround it with smaller and larger ones. This will create a beautiful focal point for any room.

Keep them fresh.

Change up your Squishmallow display periodically, as this keeps your room looking vibrant. Get creative with your displays and experiment with different arrangements and themes. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most beautiful, so don’t be afraid to try something different!

Be safe.

Always keep pets and other potential hazards in mind when choosing your display locations.

Good natural light can enhance the appearance of Squishmallows, but avoid direct sunlight to prevent damage. Don’t place your Squishmallows in front of a dryer, as this can also cause damage to their fabric. Allow them to air dry after washing, and be mindful of other potential hazards around your home.

Now you know how to display Squishmallows, check out our guide to the different Squishmallows available. We’ve also got the lowdown on Squishmallows sizes, as well as everything you need to know about the Squishmallows laundry instructions.

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