Users reminisce about the emotional impact of Starcraft

As it turns 20, Starcraft still has a special place in the heart of many RTS fans.

Users reminisce about the emotional impact of Starcraft
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Starcaft turns 20: how Blizzard’s classic RTS still holds a special place in my heart

I grew up playing Starcraft. I remember it fondly as a classic, beloved game that holds a special place in my heart. Its music, atmosphere, and most of all, nostalgia, have all helped it retain its special place in the hearts of many others.

A lot of posts on the subject come from fans reminiscing about their past experiences playing the real-time strategy game. Some mention the iconic phrases and quotes from the game like “You must construct additional pylons!” and “Nuclear launch detected!” Others share their desire for Starcraft 3.

There’s a sense of longing, and while I’d love to see a new installment, I’m not sure I’d trust modern Blizzard to deliver on such a classic game. Regardless, many people share their appreciation for the old game, and their desire for a third installment.

Others, however, express skepticism, as they feel that modern Blizzard has strayed from what made the original game so great. Some users criticize the storytelling in Starcraft 2, saying that it felt flat compared to the memorable story of the first game.

“Storytelling in the sequel was mostly forgettable, and I didn’t get the sense that the writers really cared all that much about the characters,” one user writes. “The original and its expansion had a depth and complexity that I really enjoyed, with three different races offering varied gameplay.”

Another user writes, “Brood War was what really cemented the multiplayer for me. I’ve been playing RTS since I was a kid and never really enjoyed the campaigns.”

Others mention the announcement of a canceled Starcraft FPS game, and express their disappointment, saying, “I was really looking forward to that game.” Someone replies, “Yeah, I was too… But we’re getting a Starcraft strategy game instead, and that’s great news.”

Some users express their gratitude for the free copy of Starcraft 1 available without a Blizzard account. Others mention that the HD remaster is pretty great, with visual improvements that are worth it.

Comparisons are drawn to Command and Conquer, with some users finding Starcraft to have more depth and a more diverse gameplay experience. “I played both and found that SC had a lot more depth, especially with the custom maps and being able to use the game’s editor to build custom campaigns,” one user writes.

Another adds, “I grew up playing both and I think SC has a lot more personality and charm.” Humor is subtly injected with phrases like “Not enough minerals!” and “Additional supply depots required.”

Overall, it’s clear that Starcraft, despite any skepticism about a potential third installment, remains a classic and beloved game that holds a special place in many players’ hearts.

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