Unique Character Animations and Strategy Mechanics Tease Exciting Upcoming Indie Game

An indie game, The Last Redguard, impresses with gorgeously smooth animations using flipbook animations and pencil hand-drawing.

Unique Character Animations and Strategy Mechanics Tease Exciting Upcoming Indie Game
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

The Last Redguard: Gorgeously Smooth Animations and Hand-Drawn Art

The Last Redguard has been in the making for some time now, but we got a peek at how the strategy game is coming along with new animations and gameplay mechanics. With gorgeously smooth animations and hand-drawn art, the Indie Game is using some clever tricks to get across complex strategy elements. The developer also provided some new gameplay footage and character designs, which is sure to get you excited for the upcoming release.

The Last Redguard is an upcoming indie game that’s been making waves in the strategy game community. With a focus on accessibility and potential for cosmetic upgrades, the game has a lot of potential.

“An action-platformer? No, it’s a turn-based strategy game with some predictive elements,” The Last Redguard’s Twitter account clarifies in the video. “We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here, just make it a little more fun and accessible.”

The gameplay footage shows off some of the game’s mechanics, including special abilities triggered by enemy actions and the use of elements in the game to give characters special powers. For example, one character can amplify attacks when standing on a fire tile and another can grant an extra action point to another character when they are standing on a lightning tile.

The video also showcases some of the animation work in the game, which uses flipbook animations and pencil, hand-drawn art to create a very unique aesthetic. The use of these types of animations, especially, adds a great touch and really makes the characters feel alive.

“Gorgeous animations,” one viewer comments. “Reminiscent of Soviet cartoons.” Another says, “The use of flipbook animations and pencil, hand-drawn art adds a great touch.” Still, another writes, “The gameplay looks a bit tricky, but still exciting.”

The developer also says they plan to release the game on console or mobile, which is sure to excite a lot of gamers. “So far, I’ve seen nothing but excitement for the game’s release on console or mobile,” another viewer comments. “I’d love to play this on the Switch!”

With a lot of positive feedback on the animations and overall game, The Last Redguard is sure to have an exciting future ahead if it can maintain its current momentum.

Take a look at the full video below, and keep your eye on this one.

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