Indie game Time Flies lets you complete your fly’s bucket list in just one minute

Indie game Time Flies is a fun puzzle game that challenges players to complete a fly's bucket list within a specific time limit.

Indie game Time Flies lets you complete your fly’s bucket list in just one minute
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Time Flies: Completing a Fly's Bucket List

Indie Game Time Flies is a fun, cute, and challenging Puzzle Game that tasks players with completing a fly’s bucket list in just one minute. Based on the player’s chosen country, the game will assign them a specific number of seconds, forcing players to be as efficient as possible while completing tasks on the fly’s bucket list.

From mundane tasks like “get drunk” to more difficult ones such as “start a revolution,” Time Flies provides players with a list of abstract goals based on the fly’s life. The game tasks players with completing these goals using their puzzle-solving skills, with a hint system that provides a zoom in on objects related to the task at hand.

While some of the bucket list tasks are simple, such as “get drunk” or “roll with toilet paper,” others require a bit more thought, such as “Make someone laugh” or “Find Yourself.” I personally found myself searching around the house for anything I could use to make someone laugh, giving me a sense of accomplishment when I figured out the solution.

The game’s description states that “time is a finite resource,” which I think is a great way of discouraging players from wasting time on unproductive activities, such as watching television. Each puzzle I encountered was rewarding and could be figured out after some thought, although I did find myself getting stuck at specific tasks multiple times.

Time Flies tasks are specific to the player’s country, which is a fun and unique concept. The abstract descriptions of the tasks add to the game’s enjoyment and surprise, and I personally enjoyed the different ways in which I could complete the bucket list tasks.

After multiple demonstrations at Gamescom, many players came close to completing the game but failed at different tasks. Some tasks involved starting a revolution or making someone laugh, which can be difficult if you’re not creative enough.

Time Flies also features a diorama of the house as a map, helping players navigate unvisited rooms. Players must search for the starting room to find a model of a tiny fly, completing the task to “Find Yourself.” The full game will include more levels and flies, but I was told that my fly would remain Canadian.

Time Flies will launch on PlayStation, Switch, and PC next year. For more info, take a look at our Time Flies preview.

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