Armored Core 6: Arena Rank F battles guide

Learn how to defeat each Armored Core in the Rank F Arena battles with the right approach and tips for each opponent.

Armored Core 6: Arena Rank F battles guide
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Armored Core 6

Want to know how to beat each Armored Core in the Rank F Arena battles? The Arena Rank F battles are tougher than the E-Rank ones, and you need a balanced approach to succeed. As always, earning COAM and OST Chips is the goal of these battles, so you don’t want to lose.

The Rank-F crew aren’t tougher opponents than those you faced earlier, so the main issue is that G6 will test your skills. While the other opponents are easier to exploit, you need to find a new way to tackle G6’s speed and missiles. It won’t be easy, but if you succeed, you’ll have plenty of resources to craft the best AC you can.

How to beat Rank F Arena opponents

Here are the Rank F Arena opponents, their mechs, and tips on how to beat them:


Rummy’s mech is easy to spot due to its melee-focused design. It also has a very slow melee attack, so if you can get the jump on it in the form of a shoulder rocket, you can score a quick knockout. Rummy tends to favor melee attacks, but if you see it charging up its melee weapon, get ready to dodge.

Since Rummy relies on melee attacks, you want to get in close for a melee fight. Rummy has a slow melee animation, so a good heavy weapon like the Kage Blade or Plasma Blade can easily get the edge in a melee fight.

Rummy is vulnerable to shoulder rockets, but you have to get close to score a hit. If you can’t manage that, Linear missile launchers will do some good damage, though it might take a while to find a hitbox.


Dunham is a versatile opponent, so you need to be versatile to beat it. Dunham’s mech has good speed, a bazooka, and missiles, so you need to counter with all of those as well.

With the right parts, you can take Dunham in a close-quarters fight. The Plasma Blade is a good start, as it deals heavy damage to enemies. Combine that with Assault Burst, and you can slash your foes for extra damage. Try to stay out of melee range, but you can use the Plasma Blade to get a couple of hits in if necessary.


Hermit’s mech is fast and has some good weapons, but it lacks good melee options. You also have the perfect parts for countering Hermit: Reverse Joint legs. These provide the mobility you need for air superiority, so take to the skies, and Hermit won’t be able to hit you.

Hermit will use missiles frequently, so be ready to dodge those. You can counter with your own homing missiles to get the upper hand. The AC Cannons also work well, as do full auto rifles. Since Hermit is so fast, you need a mobile AC that can keep up with it.


G6 is the toughest F-Rank battle and is likely to get you if you don’t know what’s coming. Since it’s fast, you need to take to the air and avoid its missiles.

Unload on G6 with your best weapons and take to the air to dodge the missiles. Homing missiles, the AC Cannons, and full auto rifles are your best bets. You also need a light, mobile AC, which means you need to get the Reverse-Joint legs as soon as possible to fight G6.

G6 also uses melee attacks, so balance your HP and armor accordingly. Circle G6 while you unload weapons and use Quick Burst to evade its missiles. You’ll need to repeat this several times, but G6 won’t be able to hit you if you’re moving around.

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