Armored Core 6: Complete Chapter 1 Battle Logs Guide

Complete all of the Battle Logs in Armored Core 6's first chapter to earn the rewards for tracking down tough enemies.

Armored Core 6: Complete Chapter 1 Battle Logs Guide
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Want to complete the Armored Core 6 Battle Logs? You’ll earn Battle Logs as you play through the campaign in the Action game. These are rewards for tracking down tough enemies to defeat and completing certain objectives.

Complete Armored Core 6 Battle Logs in the first chapter

After “Destroy Artillery Installations,” you’ll be able to enroll in the Loghunt program. This allows you to take on stronger enemies in the free-to-play game.

Armored Core 6 doesn’t hold your hand during the first chapter, so you might miss this opportunity. If you’re sure you’ve seen the Loghunt program in one of the menu screens, go ahead and enroll. Otherwise, you’ll be able to take part in Loghunt missions after “Encounter with Aya,” when you’re tasked with going to the Abandoned City.

In any case, you’ll encounter the tough Tetrapod MT in the final area. Look toward the center of the map where the Transport Helicopters are parked. If you’re quick enough, you can pelt the Tetrapod MT with heavy weapons before it gets too close.

Stick to the right side of the stage, since the Tetrapod MT can only attack from the right. Keep your distance and unload heavy weapons when it’s not attacking. It’s best to strafe homing missiles to defeat the MT.

You’ll also take out a basic Bi-Pedal AC with Pulse Blade, Machine Gun, and Missile Launcher. Quick Boost away after their slash to land your own attacks. Unload everything when they stagger.

After this, you’ll encounter another Tetrapod MT. Stick to the right side of the stage and pelt it with heavy weapons. Take advantage of Pulse Blade attacks when the Tetrapod is on the ground. Clear out MTs above the frozen lake before fighting the Tetrapod.

Battle Burn Pickaxe on the frozen lake, accompanied by Redguns. Let the Redguns occupy Burn Pickaxe while you attack from behind. Take out three Light MTs on the left side of the map to earn more Battle Logs.

You’ll be able to confront Little Ziyi in the giant crater to earn her Battle Log. She’s not that tough, but you have to dodge her attacks with your shield. Use your two Bazookas for offense and keep your distance.

Finally, you’ll come face to face with Sulla, an unmissable mid-boss. Defeat Sulla to earn his Battle Log.

That’s all of the Armored Core 6 Battle Logs in the first chapter. While you’re in the first open-world game by From Software, you’ll want to take on the best mechs in Armored Core 6. There’s also a ton of extra content in the free PC game, from the best upgrades to the best weapons in Armored Core 6.

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