Armored Core 6 players are making Minecraft-themed mechs, and they’re exploding

Armored Core 6 players are creating Minecraft-themed mechs, and their explosive results are an unexpected but fun crossover.

Armored Core 6 players are making Minecraft-themed mechs, and they’re exploding
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

Armored Core 6 players combine the worlds of mech combat and Minecraft

Armored Core 6 players are combining the worlds of the popular mech combat game and Minecraft in an unexpected but exciting crossover. From Minecraft Creepers to Pepsiman, the Armored Core 6 community has embraced this unusual but fun expression of love for both games. With a little creativity, the Armored Core 6 customization tools can produce some surprising results, like Minecraft-themed mechs that explode on impact.

If you haven’t heard of Armored Core 6, don’t worry, I won’t judge. While I do consider myself a fan of intense mech combat, I’m not quite as familiar with the different entry points into the Armored Core universe. All I know is that it’s popular, with a dedicated fanbase and new entries regularly released, and that its customization options are, well, very extensive.

Well, some Armored Core 6 players are putting those tools to good use, creating Minecraft-themed mechs with explosive results. As demonstrated in the video below by YouTuber TheNerdTree, the combination between Armored Core 6’s intense mech combat and Minecraft’s block-building mechanics is something I never thought I’d see, and yet it makes such perfect sense.

Playing as a Minecraft character may not be entirely accurate, but the creativity and skill involved in crafting these Minecraft-themed mechs is impressive, from the iconic Creepers to Pepsiman, and everything in between. On top of resembling walking pixelated explosions, they also have Minecraft-esque abilities, such as exploding when they get close to their enemies. Now that’s fun.

Whether you’re a fan of Armored Core 6 or not, these Minecraft-themed mechs are definitely worth checking out. The creativity on display and the fact that players are willing to share their unique designs is testament to the game’s replayability, and it’s just another example of how Armored Core 6 continues to evolve.

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