How to beat Armored Core 6’s invisible mechs

Learn how to defeat the invisible mechs in Armored Core 6's “Investigate BAWS Arsenal No.2” mission with our helpful guide.

How to beat Armored Core 6’s invisible mechs
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Armored Core 6: Investigate BAWS Arsenal No.2 - Defeating the Invisible Mechs

Want to know how to beat the Armored Core 6 invisible mechs? Our Armored Core 6 review found the latest entry in the series to be a step in the right direction, but the “Investigate BAWS Arsenal No.2” mission is an exception. It’s confusing, irritating, and we’re not ashamed to say we rage quit. However, we can’t leave things there. We’ve returned to this mission and found a way to beat it.

There are plenty of invisible mechs in the “Investigate BAWS Arsenal No.2” mission, and they’re hard to fight because you can’t lock on to them. The mechs are filled with tricks and traps, but once you know how to deal with them, the mission is straightforward once again. Here’s everything you need to know about the invisible mechs in this mission.

How to find the first invisible mech

The first invisible mech is easy to deal with, but you need to know how they work first. Survey the Arsenal Interior and defeat the first Stealth Mech in the opening area. This mech stands still until you get close, at which point it uses its energy rifle to blast you. It’s easy to dodge these blasts, but you can’t lock on and attack them.

Armored Core 6 doesn’t make this clear, but you can hit the mechs with homing missiles. Use your radar to reveal the location of the invisible mechs and lock on to them. Once the lock is complete, the mech is no longer invisible and you can hit it with any weapon.

The mechs tend to stay in one spot until they are discovered. They’re only dangerous if you get too close because they can use their energy rifle to hit you from a distance. Bring a fast mech with Reverse-Joint legs to easily dodge energy blasts.

Recommended weapons

The Vvc-760PR Plasma Rifle is a reliable option for dealing with these invisible mechs. Its damage is good, and it reveals hidden mechs, which makes them much easier to hit. The Archive Data is slightly out of the way in this area, but you’re going to have to scan a downed mech regardless. It’s leaning against the right wall, so hop over there and scan the Archive Data before moving on.

Ambush from an invisible mech

As you continue through the Arsenal Interior, you’ll approach a flight of stairs leading down to a door. There’s a mech here, but it’s invisible, so you won’t know it’s there until it attacks. As you descend the stairs, the mech will fire at you, and then two more will appear from the left and right.

It’s easier to deal with two Stealth Mechs at once because you don’t have to keep dodging while in the air. If you have your back to the wall, you can lock onto the mech on your right, hop to the right, and attack the mech on the left without ever touching the ground.

Fight two Stealth Mechs at once

In the next section, you’ll face off against two stealth mechs at once. The first is a ranged unit, so you should focus on it first. The second one has an energy whip and is more aggressive, but this is still the easier of the two encounters.

Keep your distance and fly up high to attack the invisible mechs. You can easily dodge the whip by hopping, and the ranged mech’s attacks are easier to avoid in the air as well. Keep hopping and attacking from the air to defeat the whip-wielding mech.

Five Stealth Mechs

In the final encounter, you face off against five invisible mechs in the same area. Three are ranged and one wields an energy shield and whip. Take out the ranged units first to reduce the amount of dodging you have to do in the air.

The energy shield on the whip-wielding mech must be broken before you can damage it. Focus on the ranged units first, then move onto the shield-wielding mech. Keep distance from the whip-user and fly up high to attack the invisible mechs.

This is a long fight that requires persistence, but you can get it done. The Vvc-760PR Plasman Rifle and Reverse-Joint legs make this battle a little easier, but you can do it with any setup. Just keep hopping and attacking from the air to defeat the whip-wielding mech. Once it’s out of the way, you can focus on the shield-user.

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