This Armored Core 6 player just quit the game over its insane difficulty

Armored Core 6 challenges players to the brink, pushing one to smash their controller in frustration.

This Armored Core 6 player just quit the game over its insane difficulty
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Armored Core 6: Demanding Gameplay and Frustration

FromSoftware's newest release, Armored Core 6, is pushing players to the brink, with challenging boss fights causing players to smash their controllers in rage. The FromSoftware developer is known for creating some of the most punishing games around, and the newest release from the studio is certainly living up to its reputation. One player's controller disintegrated following an intense fight, and their subsequent decision to quit the game showcases just how demanding FromSoftware's latest offering is.

Armored Core 6, like many FromSoftware games, is not for the faint of heart. The intense gameplay pushes players to their limits, with the latest entry in the mech game series forcing players to go head-to-head with some of the most unforgiving mechanics around.

Players are currently sharing their experiences with Armored Core 6's demanding difficulty, with one player's story in particular drawing a lot of attention. After struggling with an intense boss fight, the player decided to throw their controller in frustration – and then proceed to smash it to pieces.

"I just lost it and destroyed my controller," the player says in the clip. "It's a true testament to the game, I just can't get through this."

While frustrating, the player's decision to quit and destroy their controller serves as a badge of honor for FromSoftware's latest demanding game. The difficulty curve in the mech game has already divided the community, with some players loving the challenge while others find it frustrating and inaccessible.

If you're up for the challenge, read up on the Armored Core 6 difficulty curve and get to know some of the game's most difficult enemies. You can also check out some other great games currently available on PC, like the best indie games and the best games like Dark Souls III.

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