Intel 14th Gen specs and performance shown in leaked video

MSI leaks full specs and performance for Intel's 14th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs, revealing a minor update for the chip maker.

Intel 14th Gen specs and performance shown in leaked video
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

MSI accidentally leaks full specs and performance for Intel's 14th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs

I’m looking forward to Intel’s 14th Generation processor announcement, but it looks like we already have a fair idea of what to expect. The upcoming chips, codenamed Raptor Lake, are already shown in full in a YouTube video from PC manufacturer MSI, which briefly details the specs and performance of the chips before taking the video down after a couple of hours. It’s unclear whether this was intentional or not, but it means we can show you what to expect from the forthcoming Intel 14 Gen CPUs.

Full specs and performance numbers for the 14th Gen Core i7 chips are shown in the video, which was taken from a presentation made by MSI. The full lineup includes the Core i7 14700K and 14700KF, and the video confirms that only these two models will get extra cores. The other chips in the 14th Gen range will have the same core counts as the previous generation.

According to the leaked video, the 14th Gen chips are only about three percent faster on average than the 13th Gen chips. However, the Core i7 models, with the added cores, show a 17 percent multi-threaded performance improvement.

We’ve already seen the clockspeed specifications, and they’re not much to write home about. The video also doesn’t include any information on power consumption or temperatures, which are arguably more important than base clock speeds.

Ultimately, this is a fairly uninspiring update from Intel, especially given how long we’ve had to wait for it. The 14th Gen processors are based on the same Raptor Lake architecture as the 13th Gen, using the same 10nm process. Given that Intel has already moved onto its next architecture, we’d expect more from a refresh.

The good news is that we’ll likely see the K and KF variants with unlocked multipliers come out later this year, while the non-K and KF variants will come in early 2024. The 14th Gen chips seem to be more of a marketing move for Intel and its partners, rather than a genuine leap ahead.

We’re still looking forward to the 14th Gen Core i7 desktop chips, and the K and KF variants in particular, but we won’t have to wait long for the best Intel processors. The 14th Gen processors seem to be more about getting people to upgrade their PCs than genuine innovation, but we’ll hopefully see the first 14nm chips spark a change with the Arrow Lake CPUs expected in the second half of 2024.

Then there’s the possibility of Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake CPUs for laptops, possibly announced in September, which could bring some exciting innovations to the table. These chips could feature a chiplet design and die shrink for the cores, using Intel’s new Intel 4 process.

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