Lorcana Steel/Sapphire starter deck overhaul

Add consistency to Lorcana's Steel/Sapphire starter deck by slimming it down and adding cards that help with ramping and controlling the board.

Lorcana Steel/Sapphire starter deck overhaul
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Lorcana Steel/Sapphire Starter Deck Upgrade Guide

May 16, 2019: We’ve overhauled our Lorcana Steel/Sapphire starter deck guide to add consistency to the deck by slimming it down. We’ve also added plenty of suggestions for which cards to add to make the deck even stronger.

Our Lorcana Steel/Sapphire starter deck guide originally focused on building on the strengths of the starter deck. This version aims to do that, but also maintain its core gameplay. However, we’ve also made some changes to add more consistency to the deck.

Three versions of the deck are shared: a budget version, a mid-cost version, and a top-tier version. The budget version focuses on adding consistency by slimming down the deck and adding cards that help with ramping and controlling the board. The mid-cost version adds more high-value rare cards and focuses on consistency and board control. The top-tier version features key super rare and legendary cards, including Belle, Strange but Special, which is the centerpiece of the deck.

Lorcana Steel/Sapphire Starter Deck Upgrade List

Here are three versions of the Lorcana Steel/Sapphire starter deck. The first lists the cards you get with the deck and the second lists the suggested upgrades.

  • Budget version
  • Mid-cost version
  • Top-tier version


The aim of this deck is to ramp quickly and drop powerful characters on the board. We’ve slimmed down the deck to add consistency, meaning you’ll more likely have the specific cards you need at the right time.

Different cards are recommended for each version of the deck, with explanations for why certain cards should be added or removed. The strategy of ramping and controlling the board remains consistent throughout all versions of the deck.


We’ve added a few tips to help you make good choices with the opening hand and take advantage of Lorcana’s mulligan rule. The importance of starting with a good curve and specific cards in the opening hand is emphasized.

Here are a few tips to help you play the deck:

  • This deck’s mulligan rule means you can often get away with keeping a four-card or five-card hand. As long as you have at least two one-cost cards and a playable two-drop, you’ll be able to play something on turn one.

Ending note

That’s our Lorcana Steel/Sapphire starter Deck Overhaul. We’ll be expanding on this guide in the future with more tips on playing the deck and specific combos. In the meantime, check out our Lorcana Steel/Sapphire tier list for the latest meta picks.

Practice your best pirate accent and set sail with our Lorcana FAQ, which answers all your questions about the game. If you’re more of a non-Yohime player, check out our Granblue Fantasy guide for the latest on the game’s other popular title.

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