Is Oblivion better than Skyrim?

Is a remastered Oblivion better than Skyrim? We compare the two Elder Scrolls games to help you decide.

Is Oblivion better than Skyrim?
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Is Oblivion better than Skyrim?

Is Oblivion worth playing, especially when Skyrim is available as an option? After all, Oblivion is considered a classic and one of Bethesda’s greatest games, so surely it must be better than Skyrim, right? Well, maybe, but the answer is not as simple as it seems.

Some users believe that Oblivion is better than Skyrim, while others disagree. We’ve heard from both sides of the aisle, and we’ve even got a few passionate Oblivion fans on staff. So, to settle this once and for all, we’re going to break down the two Elder Scrolls games and their respective merits, starting with Oblivion.

The leveling system in Oblivion took some time for users to understand. Some people got it right away, but others found the experience annoying at first. The manual explains the system in detail, but some users felt it was too complicated. If you’re used to more straightforward RPG leveling systems, you may find the way Oblivion handles it overwhelming.

The graphics in Oblivion are a bit dated, but there are rumors of a remaster with updated models and textures. The landscapes and questlines are diverse and visually interesting.

The dark brotherhood quests in Oblivion are well-written and enjoyable. Others felt that the quests were hit-and-miss, with some being too similar or not as well-written as other quests in the game.

Skyblivion, a remaster of Oblivion with Skyrim graphics, is in the works. However, it’s been in development for a long time and the release date has been pushed back to 2025. There’s some skepticism about Skyblivion, as some users feel it won’t be a faithful remake of Oblivion. Others are excited about the remaster and believe it will be a great way to experience Oblivion with updated visuals.

Controllers aren’t supported in the PC version of Oblivion, but there is a mod available for controller support. During the release of Oblivion, FAQs and online guides were common, and they helped players through some of the more confusing parts of the game. Some users even found creative ways to level up in Oblivion, like taping down the forward movement on their controller to make traveling between cities easier.

Oblivion Gates were seen as a downside by some users, as they would spawn infinitely until you closed them. Others found the enchantment rewards worth it.

The introduction of Oblivion is loved by many users, as the gameplay and rich world are major highlights. However, some users preferred Morrowind and Oblivion over Skyrim, and they cited the Shivering Isles as the best DLC.

Users had a lot of fun min-maxing and working towards godlike status in Oblivion, which wasn’t quite as possible in Skyrim. Some felt that the colorful and wacky elements were missing from Bethesda’s games, and they missed Morrowind and the earlier Elder Scrolls games for that reason.

The DLC in Oblivion, particularly the Shivering Isles, was highly praised. Most users had a lot of fun with the DLC, particularly the Shivering Isles. Others felt that the expansion was so good that it made up for some of the shortcomings in Oblivion.

And there you have it, the full breakdown of Oblivion vs Skyrim. If you’re looking for more classic RPG options, we have breakdowns of Morrowind and Fallout 2, both of which have their own merits.

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