Sony PlayStation Plus price hike sparks user outrage

Sony PlayStation Plus price hike sparks concern and anger among users, leading to cancellations and criticism of the lack of added benefits.

Sony PlayStation Plus price hike sparks user outrage
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

Sony PlayStation Plus price hike sees users express concern and anger

May 8 — Following Sony’s PlayStation Plus price hike, users express concern and outright anger at the company’s decision to increase subscription prices by a third. Some gamers plan to switch to a lower tier or drop their subscriptions altogether, while others criticize the lack of added benefits to justify the price hike.

There’s a general sentiment that the cost of everything is rising without corresponding improvements. Some express the appeal of PC gaming, where multiplayer is free and offers more options by comparison. The consensus, however, is that Sony’s price increase is unjustified and feels like a scam.

“I’m so angry right now,” one user writes. “This feels like a straight-up scam.”

“Definitely feels like they’re trying to control the market,” another replies. “They expect you to pay without question.”

“Why didn’t they announce any improvements alongside the price hike?” another user asks. “If they’re going to do this, they need to make the service more valuable.”

“Corporate greed,” another replies. “That’s all this is.”

Some users voice the opinion that Sony expects to lose some subscribers, but those who remain will make up for the losses.

“They’ll lose some people and gain others,” one writes. “The ones who stay will pay more.”

“Sony expects people to keep paying more for less,” another replies.

“It’s not like console subscriptions are free,” another user writes. “You have to pay for them twice.”

Many share their personal experiences of canceling their PlayStation Plus subscriptions and switching to PC gaming. Microsoft is mentioned as a company that is addressing these concerns by offering more value for the same price.

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