All Madden 24 celebrations explained

Celebrate like a pro in Madden 24 with the best celebrations, including viral dances, football spikes, and more

All Madden 24 celebrations explained
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Celebrating in Madden 24

Celebrating in Madden 24 is a huge part of the game, as anyone who has watched a Super Bowl knows. With updated mechanics and graphics, the latest edition of the popular football simulation game gives you the tools to express yourself on the field.

Available Celebrations

There are a number of celebration moves available in Madden 24, and you can perform them after scoring a touchdown or making a big play like gaining a first down. Each player has a unique celebratory move, but only certain ones can be activated during a play. To use one, press the corresponding button when prompted after a play concludes.

These celebrations are purely cosmetic, and they do nothing to affect gameplay. That said, they do come with a small drawback. Activating a celebration will slow down the ball carrier, so you should only use them when a touchdown is guaranteed or you’re already way ahead in the game to avoid getting caught by defenders.

All available celebrations in Madden NFL 20

You’ll automatically perform a celebration when you score a touchdown or make a big play like gaining a first down. Depending on the play, you’ll receive a prompt to celebrate. For example, you’ll always celebrate gaining a first down, but you’ll only celebrate a touchdown if it occurs on the goal line or in the red zone.

A lot of the time, you’ll receive a generic celebration prompt after executing a big play like gaining a first down. However, if you make a momentum-shifting defensive play, such as an interception or a sack, you’ll receive a unique celebration prompt for that specific player.

The celebrations available to you will depend on the player you’re controlling and whether you’re on offense or defense. Here are all the available celebrations for both offense and defense in Madden NFL 20, along with the rarity level and location where you can obtain them.

Offensive celebrations

Defensive celebrations

Superstar mode celebrations

In Superstar mode, you can purchase celebration moves from the store. There are a few different sections, and each item has a rarity level. In most cases, you’ll want to purchase the cheapest celebrations that are available. Some items are locked based on your player level, but you can purchase them with in-game currency once you reach a high enough level.

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