Madden 24 players are really unhappy with one bug

A Madden 24 newsfeed bug is frustrating users, who cite it as one of several issues in the popular football game's Franchise Mode that the developers have not addressed.

Madden 24 players are really unhappy with one bug
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

A Madden 24 newsfeed bug is angering players

A Madden 24 newsfeed bug is angering players in the popular football game, who cite the immersion-breaking glitch as one of several bugs in Madden 24’s Franchise Mode that the developers have not addressed.

In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, YouTuber @Esoteric_Era describes the newsfeed bug as a “major setback” for the franchise mode.

“Every update, or even when I go back to a saved draft class, it refuses to show all the news items,” they complain, noting that clicking “next” in the newsfeed does not actually show any news items. Other players have reported similar issues with the newsfeed, with some saying that repetitive news items or missing news items disrupt the experience.

“Personally I’m not happy with the way they’re handling the bugs this year,” they continue. “There are a lot of major issues and they’re just ignoring them.” They also express frustration that in previous Madden games, bugs that affected gameplay were patched in a matter of days.

“It’s been nearly a week and there’s been no acknowledgement or even a hint that a fix is in the works,” they say, referring to several other bugs in Franchise Mode, such as a bug that prevents players from editing player names. “I’m just beyond disappointed,” they conclude.

Several other players have also tweeted their frustration with the newsfeed bug and the other bugs in Franchise Mode. “I want to like the game but with these bugs I can’t,” says Twitter user @DaRealAceAce. Several others have also called for a patch to fix these bugs, but the developers have not yet addressed any of the issues.

Madden 24 remains one of the most popular games in the world, in large part due to its realistic gameplay and stunning graphics, which are often praised as among the best in gaming. However, these bugs have overshadowed those positive aspects, and the developers’ lack of response has frustrated players who have reported the issues.

If you want to try out the new game for yourself, you should check out the official Madden 24 teams, which EA has updated to include all the real-world moves that have happened since the game’s launch. You can also read our review of the game, which I found to be a positive step forward for the series.

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