Intel 14th Gen CPUs will cost more, but older chips may be cheaper

Leaked Intel presentation reveals prices for 14th Gen processors, with no good news for those hoping for price cuts.

Intel 14th Gen CPUs will cost more, but older chips may be cheaper
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Leaked Prices for Intel 14th Gen Processors

Ahead of the official Intel 14th Generation CPU launch, we've got a look at the prices for the company's new chips. While the leaks don't give us much detail on the specs, it does show us that the new i7 14700K/KF will have four additional e-cores compared to its predecessor, with a price to match.

If you were hoping that the 14th Gen would bring price cuts, these initial prices aren't great news. Pricing leaks for the 14th Gen K models indicate a roughly 15% increase compared to the 13th Gen, with the i7 jumping from $374 to $409.

However, there might be a silver lining for consumers. Since the new chips have minimal differences from the 13th Gen, it may be worth looking for discounts on the previous generation. A slight increase in clock speeds won't make a noticeable difference for gamers, and older CPUs, especially from the 12th Gen, may go on sale as they approach end-of-life status and during Black Friday sales.

The small performance boost and price hike may make it difficult for 12th and 13th Gen owners to justify upgrading, especially if they have a capable CPU already. Instead, they'll likely look to jump straight to the 14th Gen options, which will be the best available to them.

Of course, pricing can change before launch, so these leaked prices should be taken with caution. We won't know for sure what the non-K model pricing is until later, but here's a look at the leaked 14th Gen K pricing.

All prices are in USD.

Intel 14th Gen leaked prices:

  • Intel i7-14700K (7nm)
  • Intel i7-14700KF (7nm)
  • Intel i5-14600 (7nm)
  • Intel i5-14600F (7nm)
  • Intel i3-14500 (7nm)
  • Intel i3-14500F (7nm)

These prices only apply to the K series, so the i5 14600 and i7 14700 are likely to be the most popular options.

Intel's Innovation event on September 19 is likely to be where we get more official details on the launch, with the Raptor Lake refresh sharing the spotlight with Intel's Meteor Lake. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

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