Sonic Superstars shows off its speed in new demo

A new demo for Sonic Superstars at Sega's Summer Showcase has us even more excited for the return to classic 2D gameplay, with new abilities and fun levels.

Sonic Superstars shows off its speed in new demo
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Sonic Superstars: A Fun and Nostalgic Adventure

Having had the opportunity to play the Sonic Superstars demo at the Sega Summer Showcase 2018 in New York, I can say with confidence that this new adventure for the iconic blue hedgehog and friends is both fun and nostalgic. Sporting vibrant graphics, an upbeat jam as the background music, and high-speed gameplay that excites even in the demo’s slowest moments, Sonic Superstars looks to not only be a great Sonic the Hedgehog game but a great platforming game as well.

I was initially skeptical of Sonic’s recent 3D titles, with 2018’s Sonic the Hedgehog: Onyx Ring still sitting on my unplayed games list. However, Sonic Superstars seems to be bringing the series back to its 2D roots, and the result is a fresh, enjoyable experience.

Playing through the demo with Tails in the Seaside Kingdom, I was impressed by the game’s polished and radiant feel. The environments are bright and inviting, encouraging exploration and interaction. The music is whimsical and light, but each step I took as Tails had a full impact as the ground rippled beneath me and any enemies I encountered were blown away by my water jetpack.

Each character has their own unique power-ups, and Sonic Team encourages cooperative play by making these abilities vital to progression. I especially found Tails’ water ability to be useful in navigating the levels; in one instance, I simply would not have been able to reach a higher platform without using Tail’s hydrojet to swim up through a waterfall.

The Seaside Kingdom level also introduces boss fights, and I was excited to get my first hands-on experience with one of these challenges. I had to be strategic and persistent to emerge victorious in my battle against Dr. Robotnik, which served as a good taste of the challenge that lies ahead for players who want to unlock all of the game’s collectibles.

Overall, I came away from the demo impressed with Sonic Superstars. The game’s return to form feels natural and polished, offering a fresh experience that both new and veteran players can enjoy.

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