Linux surpasses macOS as second most used OS on Steam, thanks to the Deck

Linux usage on Steam rose rapidly in the last year thanks to the successful Steam Deck, and the Valve-made SteamOS has led to more adoption of the Linux operating system.

Linux surpasses macOS as second most used OS on Steam, thanks to the Deck
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

Linux usage on Steam

Linux usage on Steam has risen to account for almost half of all operating systems used on the storefront, following the release of the Steam Deck earlier this year. The Valve-made SteamOS that powers the Linux-based Deck has led to a rapid increase in Linux adoption among Steam users, and has helped push the open-source operating system past macOS as the second-most used OS on the platform.

Historically, Windows has dominated with 96.21% of users, while Linux and macOS trail behind. However, that’s changing rapidly, with Linux on Steam now accounting for 42% of reported Linux users on Steam, according to statistics website StatCounter. That’s up from 29% in March of this year.

The SteamOS version of Linux on the Steam Deck accounts for the majority of Linux users reporting their operating system, with 37% of Deck users saying that they use the operating system. This means that the Deck, and Proton compatibility in general, is responsible for a large chunk of Linux adoption on Steam.

While the success of the Steam Deck may encourage more adoption of Linux in the gaming community, I personally did not suddenly turn into a “Linux Guy” as a result of receiving my Deck. However, the device does offer me some new gaming options that I wasn’t previously afforded on Ubuntu. With the launch of Proton for the Deck, I can now play many of my favourite games without needing to dual boot into Windows 10.

If you’re interested in trying out Proton for yourself, we have a guide to playing Baldur’s Gate 3 on the Steam Deck.

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