Armored Core VI hits over 129k concurrent players on Steam, sales expectations high

Armored Core VI reaches over 129,000 concurrent players on Steam, with sales expected to break records for the series.

Armored Core VI hits over 129k concurrent players on Steam, sales expectations high
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

A Soulsborne simulator in the form of Armored Core VI has reached over 129,000 concurrent players on Steam. This success comes as no surprise, given the recognition of the beloved franchise among gaming millennials.

Single-Player Focus

In a follow-up report on its initial sales, Bandai Namco reveals that Armored Core VI's single-player is the main focus. Despite the absence of matchmaking and ranked play, many players are enjoying the multiplayer.

According to the report, Armored Core VI has hit over 129,000 concurrent players on Steam. Users express excitement about single-player games doing well, while some discuss the multiplayer aspect. It is worth noting that the multiplayer is 1v1 and 3v3, but the single-player remains the main focus.

Opinions on FromSoftware's multiplayer capabilities are mixed. Some players praise it, while others note issues with the netcode. The lack of matchmaking and ranked play is seen as disappointing by some.

“FromSoftware’s track record is absolutely amazing,” one player says. “They’re the ones who made Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, Sekiro, and Elden Ring. If they think this is the way to do the PvP, I have no other choice but to respect their decision.”

Others enjoy the PvP, finding it challenging and encouraging experimentation with different builds. “I’m enjoying myself regardless of the negative reviews,” another says. “I’m having a blast in the arena with other players. It’s also teaching me about the mechanics of the game, so I’m actually grateful.”

A few express disappointment with Armored Core VI, stating that it doesn’t personally appeal to them. However, they understand why others are enjoying it. “I feel like the developers are in their 30s or 40s,” one says. “That’s why this game really doesn’t appeal to me. It’s like they’re making a game based on their memories.”

There’s also a brief discussion about the quality of Dark Souls 2, which some regard as excellent despite its reputation, and the disappointment of Sekiro not being a modern Tenchu game.

Regardless of personal opinions, the popularity and sales success of Armored Core VI are seen as expected due to the recognition of the franchise among gaming millennials. “The reason why millennials know about Armored Core is because we grew up playing Dark Souls,” one says. “Most people in the west only became aware of Armored Core after Dark Souls gained popularity.”

Others recall their fond memories of playing previous Armored Core games, and many express their desire for a new Chromehounds. “I think I was more satisfied with Elden Ring than this,” one user says, while another replies, “Elden Ring wasn’t even that good.”

Some worry that FromSoftware’s success with Armored Core VI may lead to the dumbing down of their games to attract more casual players. “I think it’s the opposite,” another says. “They’re going to gain trust and money to make even more hardcore games.”

“I don’t understand why the Soulsborne players are upset,” another replies. “It’s not like they’re selling the souls games on Steam.” Others simply express hope that Armored Core’s success won’t negatively impact the Soulsborne community.

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