Bloodborne Acrylic Painting is truly a sight to behold

Stunning Bloodborne acrylic painting shared on Reddit sparks admiration and praise for the talented artist.

Bloodborne Acrylic Painting is truly a sight to behold
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Stunning Bloodborne Acrylic Painting on Reddit

A Bloodborne acrylic painting is shared on Reddit, and it’s hard not to express your appreciation as you scroll through the comments. With the help of a user who shares their artwork, we get to appreciate the stunning Bloodborne Art in all its glory. Many are left in awe as they see the painting in its full glory, and the artist responds with grace, humor, and humility.

"I’m blown away," one user says. "I’ve always wanted to be an artist but never had the talent. I honestly can’t believe this is painted."

"I’m thinking of getting it framed and hanging it in my bedroom," another says. "I don’t have any good art in my house, and this would be a great start."

While many express their desire to have the artwork for themselves, others are quick to praise the artist’s skill and encourage them to be proud of their work.

"I don’t think you have to worry about being ‘proud,’" one user replies. "You’re clearly talented and should be proud of your work regardless."

The artist then playfully responds to comments about the hunter’s sinister expression in the painting, explaining that they were going for a more "playful" vibe.

"This is the face I make when I just got a new pair of shoes," they reply to a comment about the hunter’s sinister smile.

Despite the playful banter, the comments continue to shower the artist with compliments. "This is absolutely stunning," one user writes. "I’m in love with the colors and the style."

"This is so brilliant," another says. "I love the colors and its unique depiction of the Bloodborne universe. It’s like a painting from a novel."

The user also reveals the painting’s size, A3, which is approximately 11.7 x 16.5 inches or 29.7 x 42 cm.

With just one painting to share, the artist expresses their gratitude to those expressing their appreciation. "Thank you everyone for all the support," they write.

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