Chirper in Cities: Skylines 2 lets you stalk your citizens like never before

Explore the new features of Cities: Skylines 2's Chirper in Lifepath Journal and take your city management game to the next level.

Chirper in Cities: Skylines 2 lets you stalk your citizens like never before
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Cities: Skylines 2's Chirper in Lifepath Journal

Cities: Skylines 2 adds plenty of new and innovative features to the city building game, with Chirper in Cities: Skylines 2 standing out as a particularly innovative and fun concept. The Lifepath Journal in Chirper offers a way to track citizens’ lives from birth to death – and beyond – as the city management game expands its scope to include the personal lives of your citizens.

Developer Colossal Order reveals that Chirper in Cities: Skylines 2 will allow players to follow specific citizens, monitoring their happiness, their career paths, and their progress as they go through life. The Lifepath Journal records citizens’ information – name, address, occupation, and Chirper feed updates – and allows players to see the impact of their choices as a Mayor.

The Lifepath Journal can be found under the “Citizens” tab and includes information on a specific citizen, including their name, the Chirper avatar they use, and the overall Chirper feed updates. This can be useful for monitoring a specific citizen’s happiness, as well as their progress. Players can also like citizens’ posts on Chirper, adding a humorous touch to an otherwise quite serious game.

Chirper’s expanded functionality also integrates citizen feedback, and relates to actual in-game events. For example, if a player chooses to demolish a building that is home to a cultural institution, citizens may leave angry comments on Chirper. Likewise, if a player chooses to open a new shopping center, citizens may post positive comments and share their excitement on the social media platform.

Players can also track a citizen’s career by clicking on their portrait. A citizen’s career path is shown in a bar graph, with each job shown and the time spent at each position. This feature helps players understand the needs and happiness of their citizens in a way that was not previously available.

Chirper is an essential tool for players who wish to keep track of their citizens, as well as their everyday lives and the impact of the player’s choices as a Mayor. By following specific citizens, players can witness their intimate and triumphant moments. By integrating citizen feedback, Chirper offers a way to understand the needs and happiness of your citizens more effectively than before. And of course, tracking a citizen from birth to death earns the “You Little Stalker” achievement.

Chirper’s features also offer insight into the desires of the citizens and the importance of various subjects. For example, clicking on the “Career” tab and then on the “City Hall” icon leads to a list of all government positions available. Clicking on these positions allows players to see which citizens fill these roles and their levels of happiness.

While it can be fun to rename the car manufacturing industry CEO as Elon Musk, it is not a canonical feature in the game to rename Chirper to Y. Likewise, it is amusing to see the outcome of certain changes to the law, but players should be aware that they are not making permanent changes to the city by clicking on the “City Hall” icon.

While players can use Chirper to understand the desires of their citizens, they should also use it to make informed decisions to improve their lives. For example, if citizens express their desire for more green spaces, the player can then use this information to build parks or other green spaces in their cities. Likewise, if citizens demand a new shopping center, the player can build one to meet their demands and boost the economy.

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