Jurassic Park: The Video Game still holds a special place in our hearts

Jurassic Park: The Video Game still sparks nostalgia among gamers, as a humorous post about outdated games goes viral.

Jurassic Park: The Video Game still holds a special place in our hearts
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Jurassic Park: The Video Game holds a special place in our hearts. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic. But what’s not? It’s been thirty years since the classic hit movie spawned an equally classic video game and the fun memories are flowing among gamers on Reddit. A user humorously points out that Pirates of the Caribbean has not been updated, sparking a discussion about outdated Video Games. Then, it spirals into a conversation about the nostalgia for Jurassic Park: The Video Game specifically, and how it sparked my own childhood imagination.

Many of you reading this will remember the fun and excitement of playing as a raptor in Jurassic Park: The Video Game. Others will join in, recounting how they were misled by enticing screenshots and ultimately found it to be lackluster. No matter your experience with the game, you’ll understand why it’s brought up in this discussion.

Jurassic Park: The Video Game was one of my favorites growing up. I remember my excitement as I realized I could play as a raptor, slaughtering jeeps with ease and scaling the buildings of Isla Nublar. It helped that I was a huge dinosaur nerd and Jurassic Park was one of my favorite movies, but even today I can understand why it left such a mark on me.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before,” one user writes, sharing a picture of the game. “I was so happy to get this for Christmas when I was six.” I can relate, I was seven.

Many others join in, recounting their own experiences with cracking passwords in games. “I remember being told ‘Don’t talk to me until you’ve cracked this’ as I desperately tried to remember the Konami code,” one writes, with another sharing how they were always told to “go outside and play” instead.

“I love how in the cheat code era we didn’t have the internet to instantly Google it,” another writes. “We had to have it all committed to memory and hope a friend had the same game and could help.”

One user shares their love for other Sega games like X-Men and Shadowrun, while another reveals a cheat code for Jurassic Park: The Video Game, using the turbo button to turn Grant’s tranq gun into a machine gun.

The nostalgia continues as users express their memories and excitement about the game. Then, it takes a turn. “What the hell is this river level?” one writes, with another responding, “That nightmare level was bad.” Mention of the nightmare-inducing river level sparks a brief discussion about its difficulty.

On the topic of outdated games, a user asks where to find Power Rangers figures, eliciting a few playful replies. “You’ll never find a Power Ranger figure,” one writes, “but you can find a Silver Ranger.”

And of course, Ian Malcolm delivers one last line, the perfect end to this nostalgic discussion. “Life,’ he said, ‘finds a way.”

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