Steam wishlist ‘better than pre-order’, as Valve changes policy

Many Steam users believe wishlisting is a better alternative to pre-ordering upcoming games.

Steam wishlist ‘better than pre-order’, as Valve changes policy
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Wishlist ‘better than pre-order’

Valve has changed its policy to allow upcoming games to offer pre-purchase, instead suggesting the Steam Wishlist is the superior choice for users wishing to show interest in upcoming games. Many users believe that offering a game for pre-purchase is unnecessary, as it stirs excitement for upcoming games that may not have been planned yet, or may not even be completed.

“I’m excited for it!” one user says in response to the news. “Wishlist instead,” another advises. “I’d rather wait for reviews and sales.” This is a very common user response, as it balances excitement for upcoming games with the safety net of waiting for reviews, and sales, if the game is not up to standard.

“Wishlist if you’re excited to see the game come out,” one user clarifies, “but don’t Pre-order.” This is a very important distinction, as it shows that pre-ordering is still considered a risk by some users, despite the option being available.

“I’m actually surprised this hasn’t been clarified more,” a developer commentates on the situation. “It’s not that you shouldn’t buy the game, it’s that a lot of people don’t realise that you can help out the devs even more by talking about the game to your friends, following them on social media, and signing up for their newsletters.”

“The devs get a huge chunk of their sales during the first two weeks,” they continue. “If you’re excited, talk about the game on social media, and follow the devs on social media so they know they have a bigger audience and want to work even harder on their next game.”

“Wishlist instead,” another user clarifies. “Pre-order isn’t always necessary, and it’s better to see what plans the dev has for the game before making a purchase.” This is another important distinction to make, as it shows that pre-ordering is not always necessary, despite the option being available.

“I don’t know why anyone would pre-order,” another user adds. “Just wait for reviews.” This is also a very common opinion, as it is a generally safe advice to follow, and will help to avoid making a regrettable purchase.

“Just wait for reviews and sales,” another user repeats. “Then you won’t feel bad about your purchase.” This is another common sentiment, as waiting for reviews reduces the risk of purchasing a game that is not in a perfect state upon launch, and waiting for sales allows users to get the game at a cheaper price.

“I’m gonna buy Eggsplosion even if it’s a pile of garbage,” one user jokes, referencing their own game that will be launched for free next week.

Wishlist instead of pre-ordering upcoming games, according to many Steam users, as it shows greater interest in the game without requiring any money upfront. Some users also advise waiting for reviews and sales before making a purchase.

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