Windows 11 update may break your MSI motherboard

Some MSI motherboards may be bricking themselves following the Windows 11 update, as both Microsoft and the hardware maker investigate the issue.

Windows 11 update may break your MSI motherboard
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

Windows 11 Update Causing Issues with MSI Motherboards

Some Windows 11 users are reporting that the latest Windows Update may be causing their MSI motherboard to spontaneously blue screen, after the hardware maker’s recent BIOS updates seemingly introduced the issue. The cause of the problem remains unclear for now, but both Microsoft and MSI are investigating the matter and advising affected users on how to avoid the ‘unsupported processor’ errors.

The Windows 11 update causing problems with some MSI motherboards is the Preview release of KB5029351, which promises to improve Windows Resilient Storage, reduce SSD acquisition time, and fix issues with ReadyBoost. However, some users have reported that the update is preventing their systems from booting following an update to the BIOS – firmware designed to operate the motherboard.

“I had to reset my BIOS settings to the default just to get into the BIOS and flash the previous version of the BIOS,” one user explains on AskWoody, where the issue was first raised. “The PC won’t boot up with the current BIOS and the new Windows update.”

As Wccftech points out, the issue is affecting users of a range of MSI motherboards, and it seems to be connected to the company’s recent BIOS updates. Those updates were intended to support upcoming Intel processors, but some believe that they may have triggered a minimum system requirements check that is failing due to the presence of the unreleased Intel chips.

“I am also using an MSI Z390 MEG Creation and I have the exact same issue,” another user replies. “The update bricked my PC, BIOS update to the rescue.”

It’s unclear at this stage why the update would cause this type of issue, but speculation suggests that it may be related to Microsoft’s update triggering a minimum system requirements check. The software giant is known to periodically update its list of supported processors, and it may be possible that the ‘unsupported processor’ error is triggered if the chip isn’t listed.

While the cause remains unclear, Microsoft says it’s working with MSI to investigate the matter. It’s also worth noting that other Intel 600/700 series motherboard owners should exercise caution, given that the company may simply be updating its list of supported processors.

Either way, it certainly seems like an unforeseen circumstance affecting end-users, and it highlights the need to stay informed and cautious in the ever-changing tech landscape. We’ll update you on further details as they become available, but in the meantime, it may be worth waiting for the new LGA1700 CPUs expected in mid-October before updating BIOS.

For those affected, it may be that your PC auto-uninstalls the problematic update, and MSI has provided a video guide for flashing BIOS files on its motherboards.

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