WoW Classic’s first max level player hits 60 in just under 70 hours

A Twitch streamer becomes the first max level player in WoW Classic's hardcore mode after 69 hours of gameplay.

WoW Classic’s first max level player hits 60 in just under 70 hours
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

The first

WoW Classic max level player

has been hit, as one Twitch streamer races against the clock to be the first in the MMORPG to reach level 60. Going into hardcore mode, the milestone means permadeath for the character, meaning it’s a race against time to reach the endgame and accomplish all the quests in the Blizzard game before dying.

Reaching level 60 in WoW Classic is usually a matter of grinding out quests, but the difficulty spike in hardcore mode means a Gnome Mage who specialises in frost must be risk-averse to avoid death. VitochieR1 has won the race, and it took the streamer precisely 69 hours, 53 minutes, and 34 seconds to reach max level.

The streamer has a frost build, which is popular among hardcore players because of its advantages in AoE, but is also riskier because of the likelihood of dying from a single enemy. VitochieR1 reached level 60 on August 28 and celebrated during a stream the next day. You can see the celebration in the video below, although be warned that there is some language.

In WoW Classic hardcore, death is permanent, but players can continue as a ghost for a short time to finish any tasks. They can also transfer their dead characters to non-hardcore servers and continue playing.

The mode includes PvP, but Battlegrounds are disabled. It was only recently that the mode went live, but players have already shown why caution is necessary. In WoW Classic, the “5th Horseman incident” refers to an elaborate scheme by a troll to impersonate a Blizzard employee and grief players in an an in-game event. It’s considered a major incident in MMORPG history.

If you want to see what it’s like to be a max level player in WoW Classic hardcore mode, check out VitochieR1’s stream clip below. You can also see some of the reasons why WoW Classic is so popular, and find out why the WoW Classic PvP mode is so important.

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