10 collector’s editions that did something different

Sometimes collector's editions of certain games stand out above the rest with the original quality of their contents, like Zelda, Resident Evil, and Mafia 3

10 collector’s editions that did something different
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

Sometimes you know exactly what to expect from a collector's edition.

It'll probably have a statue, an art book, some exclusive DLC, and a steelbook, among other small goodies. But sometimes, a Collector's Edition can surprise you with items you couldn’t imagine having been included. We’ve got ten of those here, including art books with hand-drawn sketches and two-player arcade machines that actually function, among a whole lot of other similarly surprising collector’s edition items.

Sure, some of the items on this list are only available with a specific retailer’s exclusive edition, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re still awesome additions to the collection. We’ve also got a separate list of the best PC games, if you’re looking for something else to play.

Sifu collector’s edition

The art style in Sifu is as excellent and pleasing as the combat mechanics, and the exclusive Switch collector’s edition (called the “Redemption Edition”) has a treat for fans and fellow game artists alike. The box comes with a 192-page art book featuring 36 different artists working in the style of Sifu’s world, and it also comes with an in-game graffiti tool that you can use to tag the game’s environments.

Resident Evil 7 collector’s edition

Resident Evil 7 was a totally different game than all the rest in the series. Instead of the classic third-person control scheme, it had a more survival-horror inspired FPS design. Meanwhile, Capcom likewise changed things up with the collector’s version, which came in both standard and Deluxe flavors. They were mostly similar in terms of physical goods, with the main difference being that the Deluxe version came with a statue of the Baker family.

Dragon Age: Inquisition collector’s edition

BioWare really throws the kitchen sink of unique items at you in the collector’s edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third game in a series that changed the industry with its dialogue trees and romance options. The In The Flesh Collector’s Edition (which is still available) comes with a lot of little things that are sure to please fans of the series.

A lot of collector’s editions include some sort of soundtrack or musical score. Sometimes it’s just a download code for the music, but other times you get a fancy physical CD. Dragon Age’s Inquisitor’s Edition takes it one step further with a “Complete Music Experience” which includes a physical copy of the entire score, as well as a selection of songs from the game’s radio stations.

It may seem silly to drop a lot of money on a collector’s edition for a game like Among Us, but it’s pretty affordable and comes with a lot of cool stuff that you don’t typically see with other editions. For example, it comes with a set of tarot cards based on the game’s lore, an amulet based on the amulet worn by the main character, and a mini-replica of the Shadow Plane. It also comes with a soundtrack and digital art book.

Bully collector’s edition

Rockstar doesn’t just take you back to school with its game Bully, but the collector’s edition for it does as well. You get a replica of a school badge, a pin, a Bully T-shirt, and a messenger bag.

Red Dead Redemption 2 collector’s edition

This one is still one of the more available collector’s editions you can find. It’s much like Red Dead 2, in that it also comes without a copy of the game, but it’s much more limited and unprecedented. It’s a pretty big box with a lot of stuff, including a metal key chain, a belt buckle, a map of the game world, and a letter from John Marston.

The most notable feature is the flyable drone with remote control included, and it’s designed precisely like the Jack robot in the Gears of War series. The box also comes with a collector’s art book and a steel game case.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 collector’s edition

If you were in the market for a brand new mini fridge thanks to the Juggernog Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, we can totally understand. It’s perfect for fans of Zombies mode, and the box comes with a bunch of little trinkets for displaying. You get a replica of the Goblet of Tequila from the game, a Juggernog bottle opener, a sticker, a patch, and a keychain. There’s also a ‘zombiefied’ bottle opener and a flask, and both are surprisingly useful.

Modern Warfare: Nightfall collector’s edition

The 2019 reboot of the Modern Warfare series has an option called the “Dark Edition,” and if you’re a fan of practical night vision goggles, you’re in luck. It’s inspired by those worn by characters during a certain mission in the game, and comes with a pair of night vision goggles, a duffel bag, and a steelbook case for the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 collector’s edition

This one is a bit simpler than the Juggernog Edition above, but it’s still a nice little collection of Call of Duty paraphernalia.

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