Immortals of Aveum voice cast is stacked, and we’ve got the scoop

Meet the talented voice cast of Immortals of Aveum, bringing the game's characters to life.

Immortals of Aveum voice cast is stacked, and we’ve got the scoop
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Immortals of Aveum Voice Cast

The Immortals of Aveum Voice Cast is stacked, and we’re here to tell you who’s behind the performances that bring the game’s characters to life. From Darren Barnet as Jake to Gina Torres as Kirkan, these actors are sure to bring the best voice acting performance you’ve heard in an FPS game – which, let’s be real, isn’t too high a bar to clear.

Revealed during The Game Awards last year, the FPS game from Nexon and Sumo Digital is shaping up to be a big one, with Darren, Gina, Antonio, Lily, Steven, and Charles all lending their talents to the characters of Immortals of Aveum. Joining them is Nick Boraine and Anna Brisbin, rounding out this stacked cast.

Full Immortals of Aveum Voice Cast

We’re not exactly short of talented voice actors in this lineup, but Darren, Gina, Antonio, Lily, and Steven are all industry veterans who’ve lent their skills to a huge number of top games and series, so you can expect the performances in Immortals of Aveum to be top-notch.

Immortals of Aveum releases in 2023.

Though it’s still a ways off, don’t miss our preview of the upcoming shooter game. We also have all the details on Nexon’s upcoming games, from the multiplayer game Whistle to the sequel to Immortal Souls.

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