Immortals of Aveum disappoints players by not running at native 4K/60fps

Disappointing performance of Immortals of Aveum at 4K/60fps on NVIDIA RTX 4090 raises concerns about Unreal 5 features.

Immortals of Aveum disappoints players by not running at native 4K/60fps
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Immortals of Aveum performance graphics review discussion

The performance of Immortals of Aveum has disappointed players, with the RPG unable to maintain 4K/60fps on even the lowest settings in the settings menu. Many players also argue that the Unreal 5 features are overkill, and that turning off certain settings, like Lumen, would improve performance.

Many players are frustrated with the performance of the Square Enix title, suggesting that the Unreal 5 features are partially to blame. However, others argue that the industry should focus on creating fun and interesting games rather than adding unnecessary features. Others still express concerns that AI-generated content, including dialogue and quests, may lead to a decline in quality writing.

“Immortals of Aveum is a very ambitious game, but bad optimization is clearly holding back its performance,” one user writes. “I understand that graphics matter, but gaming at 4K is just overkill at this point. The community is finally starting to realize this.”

Others disagree, arguing that graphics are still important, especially in areas like character behavior and pathing. “AI can revolutionize gaming by creating dynamic characters and adaptive storylines based on the player’s choices,” one user writes. “Not all of that would be easily noticeable to the player, but the benefits would be there.”

Others are much more skeptical of the idea of AI-generated content, especially dialogue and quests. “I think we’d really need to worry about a very high quality standard being maintained with AI writing the stories on the fly,” one user writes. “Otherwise, many of us would start to abuse the system and create inappropriate content.”

Others suggest that AI could be better utilized in areas like character behavior and pathing, which could enhance gameplay without compromising artistic value. “AI could save system resources in games,” one user writes, “but it should be used selectively, and for things like adaptive AI, and not for the actual content generation.”

Some users simply reject the idea of AI-generated content altogether, arguing that a well-constructed narrative and meaningful interactions with NPCs are paramount. “I’d rather have a well-written piece of art than some mess of content generated by an AI,” another writes. “I’m not a fan of games that are trying to revolutionize the whole game industry with graphics and AI.”

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The discussion around Immortals of Aveum’s performance is sure to continue, as the game’s visuals are seemingly prioritized over optimization. However, users do acknowledge that the developers should be commended for their ambition, even if optimization is overlooked.

The discussion also touches on the important distinction between resolution and fidelity, with users arguing that 4K is not necessary for a visually appealing experience.

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